Candy Crush Saga’s King Has Its Own Game Jam

Always eager to follow up on the latest trends, King’s casual game peddling has taken to game jams. On the weekend of January 10 and 11, the company sat down its London studio for an event that brought together 64 developers with 19 projects. Its effort: To create the best mobile or browser game that could be made in a weekend.

Surprisingly few entries tried to replicate Candy Crush Saga, the company’s claim to fame. Out of all teams, Romantic Getaway came out victorious. This racing game sees a couple arguing while being chased. Drivers need to both evade traffic and answer questions properly to assuage nagging co-pilots and keep their love interest at an all-time high. Essentially, it’s the plot of The Chase, where Charlie Sheen displays one of the most ridiculous cases of Stockholm syndrome with blonde bombshell, what’s–her-face. It doesn’t matter, the character is less important than knowing that a guy can even bang a perfect girl next door hostage/model if taken by gunpoint. King will publish Romantic Getaway, though it remains the property of the respective developers who made it.

king game jam romantic getaway

While the main entry was voted by a panel of judges, a part of the King game Jam is up for public scrutiny. It’s possible to vote on entries until February 9, 2015. There’s a stupid Flappy Bird clone, but we feel pretty good about the remaining candidates otherwise. There are video’s for most participants. A full list of games can be found here.

Last year, King also launched its Candy Crush Saga marketing machine in China, where a new market is opening up for Western companies. It can potentially reach billions, which isn’t exactly a waste of time. A localized version of the game is available through Tencent.


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