You Wouldn’t Think Cat Goes Fishing On Steam Is Any Good, But It Is

Like previous time, we dove into some games that recently hit on Steam. Midst the slew of recent PC games that release every day, there are always a few that can pretty much be instantly written off by name alone. Yet, Cat Goes Fishing on Steam is a pleasant surprise on that concept. It doesn’t look like it; it still fits the look and feel of a two-bit project. When stuck in, however, the casual title reveals a rather potent game design buried within its saccharine look.

Cat Goes Fishing PC steam gameplay screenshots

For instance, that one-touch gameplay still requires a nicely constant amount of skill to perform well. Bait has to be carefully maneuvered between fishes, so that they can land in front of the proper mouth to feed. Quests also contribute toward a player level, which opens up new content in the game. Catches can be sold off and that money can be spent on better equipment, upgrades for your rods and power-ups. Last but not least, hats float around in the water. These items can be picked up, which each yield a different effect. Yup, there’s quite a bit of gameplay behind the concept of Cat Goes Fishing.

We play around with Cat Goes Fishing for way longer than we probably should. At least that will give you a good idea of how the game works and maybe it will catch on just exactly why this neat little project is as catchy as it is. Catch? Get it? Anyway, make sure to watch the gameplay commentary below:


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