Awkward Start, Battlefield Hardline Beta Gets Belgian Flag Wrong

Beste Belgen, u bent niet zo belangrijk. / Chers Belges, vous n’êtes pas tellement importants.

Normally, we’re all over a high-profile Beta coming our way. Titanfall was amazing and made for several great moments. We also discussed some killer pointers, because we wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as we did. For Battlefield Hardline, however, the sentiment isn’t exactly the same. Its previous Beta event wasn’t spectacular, dumb even, but this one doesn’t seem to start off any better.

For Belgian fans who follow our Belgian site, the country patches that can be chosen aren’t exactly flattering, as seen on reddit. Instead of the traditional black, yellow and red banner, users are given a variation on the German flag. That’s likely not going to sit well with the whole war rivalry and all. And yes, this is a Beta, but let’s be real for a second here: If the standard research of a country’s flag is something that wasn’t part of the creation or check-up process, it’s likely that some more “details” have been skipped. There’s an entire Wikipedia entry on the Belgian flag, so it’s not like there wasn’t any readily available reference material.

battlefield hardline beta belgium flag fail

On reddit, again, the oversight was also spotted on Battlefield Hardline’s own section, prior to the Beta start. Their own little spot on social media caught it, so that’s a rather centralized place to pick up on it. There was time to fix this at any point before the Beta begun, as it was seen 11 days ago, but this rather embarrassing faux pas is still live in several versions of the game.

The flag didn’t even need to be a hundred percent accurate; like a vertical or reversed option was fine as well. These colors, however, are just plain off. Try again, EA.

We were still in the mental preparation state to revisit Battlefield Hardline, but we’re still planning on taking part. It can’t be worse than it was before, probably. Please let us know your thoughts on the multiplayer shooter until the time we join you.


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