Ambitious Racing Game DLC Transforms It Into Zombie Survival

Zombie survival is so hot right now, but publisher Iceberg Interactive is taking it to the next level. Their Steam racing game, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, will receive the Full Metal Zombie downloadable content (DLC) on February 16, 2015. That’s not that impressive in itself, but the magnitude of altering gameplay that’s thrown in might be.

Cars will now be able to get assaulted by as many as 22 variants of zombies, which go from the regular grunts to explosive corpses or even freaking huge monsters. We’ll have some screenshots below that show these behemoths easily flipping over a ride.

Along with the new enemies, Gas Guzzlers Extreme will add a new vehicle as well as a new arena map. Warburg, as the location is known, is a big city with a rampant zombie infestation. And here’s the kicker: Part of the Full Metal Zombie DLC is a new survival mode in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Together with a new Defend the Base mode, these modes are going after that zombie survival fame, but with cars rigged with weapons. Does DayZ have those? Well, they might, but that’s not the point; the point is that this is supposed to be a racing game and it’s getting transformed rather drastically.

A price for the Full Metal Zombie DLC is set at $6.99, which sounds rather fair for how big the additions are that you’re getting for it. This is how we feel DLC should be done. Do something wild and elaborate as an extra and make sure it doesn’t feel like having to buy the game all over again. This system was previously also applied in Real World Racing, but not to this extent. Gas Guzzlers Extreme has seen some extensive support and we’re totally ok with that. It’s about time that zombie survival received a new angle anyway, right?

Oh, here are those screenshots:


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