Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Publisher To Honor Free Steam Keys For Votes

Publisher Nihon Falcom announced that one of its PSP games, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, is headed to Steam on March 30, 2015. This roleplaying game (RPG) released in Western regions in 2007 passed Steam Greenlight, after a lucrative campaign promising free keys for votes. Naturally, people are more excited about the announcement as a means for them to now cash in on this promise, as tactlessly asked by a Steam user:

Congratulations on Store…when will copy be awarded?

As promised please.

As eloquent as that is, developer Mastiff Games, who published the North American PSP version of Gurumin, answered positively to the topic:

A very popular question.

We’ll put instructions and redemption page a few days before launch.

Gurumin a monstrous adventure psp steam pc remake

“Popular” is correct, as their original campaign asking users to vote “yes” and then comment has accrued over 4,000 responses. That’s going to take a chunk out of sales, we think and that’s without mentioning that their process is going to take loads of effort to catalog. At least, there’s a way for anyone to now jump in and get cracking on this RPG they might have missed on Sony’s previous handheld. Gurumin has an action setting with anime visuals, quite like the Ys releases from Nihon Falcom. You’ll be able to switch it up with some mini-games and alternate play modes.

In quite timely news, Valve has asked companies not to promise keys for votes, since it obfuscates interest in the game itself with the incentive of being given a freebie. We’d imagine a sudden influx of thousands of people could skew data a bit. Someone probably had a rather awkward internal meeting a few weeks ago.

Brandish: The Dark Revenant, another PSP title from Nihon Falcom, was recently brought back from the dead as well, but only in North America. That game actually still launched on PSP itself.


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