Grab Pokémon Shuffle’s Free Item Worth 9000 Coins For 1 Million Downloads Past

Puzzle game, Pokémon Shuffle, is one of Nintendo’s latest free-to-play games on 3DS. Combining a free price tag and the popular franchise, the new project was able to catapult over a million downloads in just a week, according to the following post:

Pokémon Shuffle was released for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family on February 18 in Nintendo eShop, and in just over a week it was downloaded over a million times worldwide!

Active users can claim an item for free. To get a Complexity -1 freebie, you’ll first need to reach beyond level 11 to be able to Check In through the internet. Of course, you’ll need a connection as well. A Complexity -1 is worth 9000 coins, which is a lot of dough in the little puzzle game, so you may want to nab it, lest it expires. There’s currently also a launch event that allows you to catch Mew. With the Complexity -1, it’s possible to reduce which Pokémon appear on the board, making it easier to link remaining icons together. Perhaps you can combine these two random facts together, because catching that purple little face isn’t easy.

pokemon shuffle 1 million downloads

Pokémon Shuffle is a match-3 game with mostly turn-based moves, unlike its previous spinoff, Pokémon Link Battle. There are, however, special stages where moves occur in real time. It’s possible to switch icons form anywhere on the board, with each Pokémon having their own type and special attacks. This game also includes the new Mega Evolutions.

In the vein of free-to-play peers like Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Shuffle allows its players to freely pursue five battles, after which they need to wait half an hour to replenish one attempt. Of course, coins and turns can be bought for real money. There are sporadic drops of premium currency that occur as well.

So far, our only gripe with the game is that its addictive “one more turn” mechanism nudges players heavily towards spending cash for more turns, a bit more aggressively than Candy Crush, for instance.


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