X Rebirth Gets Price Drop And Free Steam Weekend For Whole X Series

Grand space sci-fi game, X Rebirth, has announced a permanent price drop. Additionally, as the game moves to update 3.50, a free-to-play weekend for that iteration, as well as the entire X series, will be held on March 13 to March 15, 2015 on Steam.

X rebirth steam free weekend

The price of X Rebirth has been slashed from a lofty €69.99 to a somewhat more acceptable €39.99. There are, however, still several other editions that can set you back more. When the game first released in November of 2013, publisher Deep Silver wasn’t able to drive their hype home, since the launch of the strategy title was filled with errors. A slamming from critics ensued, which still shows on the Steam page today with a Metacritic score of 33. Still, for what it’s worth, developer Egosoft has continuously poured its time into improving this catastrophe, as even a new build was sent out last month.

Through its continued support, X Rebirth was able to still rack up a sizable 4,000 user reviews, though admittedly most are negative. Only a total of 28% are positive about the game, which likely still includes a number of joke reviews.

Hopefully, the X Free Weekend can blow new life into this giant universe, where players can command a ship, travel to other worlds, trade with outposts, build and, of course, fight. We imagine there are a lot of people who paid a good sum of money who want this to be good, eventually. With the competition in Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous making the space theme more spectacular than ever, X Rebirth also has increasingly limited time to prove its own worth.

And should that fail, you know, those other X titles are still good to try out in the free weekend.


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