Super Win The Game Just Ruined Pixel Art In Other Games Forever

Pixel art in classically themed games has been done to death by now. That is, until a little title called Super Win the Game just blew everyone out of the water with its innovative visual style. This completely overlooked Steam release is currently available at a 50% discount as a weeklong deal and any self-respecting eighties gamer should pick it up. We detailed a video to illustrate exactly why, so be sure to view it below.

Super Win the Game options menu CRT steam pc

A good fifteen minutes of the video, at least, is dedicated to just the options menu of Super Win the Game. Youtube personality TotalBiscuit would be proud of this achievement, especially since the first slider is one for Field of View (FOV). It’s an internet thing, I hope you understand.

Regardless, there is a ton of prowess in the menus of this otherwise standard platform adventure game. In fact, there is no other game out there that has gone even half the length that developer Kyle Pittman of Minor Key Games, makers of Eldritch, has to make the pixel art appear as genuinely accurate to how games used to be. Where our technology has moved on and subsequently distorted how we perceive images, Super Win the Game has found a way to give its audience back the curves, patches and lines that once were an integral part of our experience. It’s, in essence, the Instagram or J.J Abrams of video games, but in a less douchey, more honest approach. There’s some value in being able to relive the same thing with authenticity intact. There is even 3D and other trickery involved. It is elaborate down to the last pixel. It’s completely up to the audience how to present the screen and that’s something that hasn’t been done before.

Aside from that, Super Win the Game is also an entertaining blend of heavy Zelda II inspiration with traditional nods towards Super Mario World, Mega Man and other classics. Just in case it hadn’t crushed the nostalgia competition enough. We’re now looking at any other attempt differently. Looks like that “indie chique” spiel that combines pixel aesthetic with groupthink will have to seriously step up its game if it wants some cred now.

Please watch the full video below for more explanation.

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