Shovel Knight Appears In Competitive Pac-Man-Esque All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds

Newly released All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds is a multiplayer-focused game that wants to be Pac-Man on crack. It may also feature a known face. And no, it’s not the Bloodhound Gang. It’s Shovel Knight, the digging pixel hero on Nintendo consoles, PC and just about anywhere else. That scamp is getting around, since you can also find Shovel Knight crushing skulls in the gory dystopia of Road Redemption.

all stars diamonds and dungeons pc gameplay

So, how does All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds differ from the arcade classic Pac-Man, other than the two-player design? Well, the mazes where opponents try to collect the most crystals are marred with treasure, traps and power-ups. Most enhancements help the character in question screw over the opposition by slowing them down, altering their automated controls or switching position. It’s also possible to find strength in oneself, as some items help to bypass walls or increase speed.

As an added bonus, All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds is developed by a company called Giant Enemy Labs. That’s a hilarious manipulation of a meme for the slightly older crowd. Think 2006. Also, the company hails from Chile, which is sort of the understudy to the blossoming Brazilian scene. Only really ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash and Abyss Odyssey, are notable colleagues there.

All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds also manages to pass off a slick and clean art style for its tightly paced duel. Congratulations to the small, three man team and pixel artist Elias Zacarias in particular. We’re getting some slight Scott Pilgrim vibes. How about you?

Perhaps more important, All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds will receive free updates. Its release only contains Shovel Knight, but others may follow in tow. More content could include additional game modes and so on.

All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds is out on, the indie sibling of Steam. It costs $5.99, no matter what region you inhabit. Playing against an artificial opponent is possible for those who don’t have friends.

Feel free to grab All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds here.


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