Bio Inc. Is A Free Game, Yet 1 In 4 People Pirated A Copy

Developer Dry Gin Studios is a cad. Its game, Bio Inc, is blatantly riding the success coattail of Pandemic, also known as Plague Inc., but with one person to be killed instead of the world. And copying has paid off for Bio Inc., since the free-to-play game is so successful it was able to compile an activity infographic and it released an update as well.

New content is divided between a new difficulty, enhanced player progression and even a chance game, but not just any kind of chance game. It’s possible to subject the body to an unprotected sex roulette, which can cause either mild or severe sexually transmitted disease (STD). That must be the second most fun way to obtain a cool STD all the kids are raging about.

In the infographic that we’ll put at the end of the article, Bio Inc. states that over 7 million people have played the quite viral application. More interestingly, those unique downloads reveal a rather baffling notion. Over 2 million copies of Bio Inc., which is roughly 28%, are pirated copies. This stat means that 1 in 4 people have illegally obtained a game that’s free, which is lunacy. An argument could be made about unlocking extra content, but it’s still hard to believe so many would need to obtain all tidbits of a game by nefarious means, when there’s a free playable version. Why?

If you ask us, we’re more into killing the whole world in Pandemic, which is also free on mobile devices. Then again, there is a certain subtlety of change in working to kill a single entity, if you don’t imagine that the organs in the body are like the continents of the world. In the latter case, Bio Inc. is a fairly transparent copy, though free as well, at least.



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