We Explain All Bloodsports.TV Classes And Map Features Too

Developer Fatshark is one busy beaver. In just a few years, the company churned out games like War of the Vikings and Escape Dead Island. Right now, Fatshark is working on two titles simultaneously, one being the first-person fantasy basher Vermintide and Bloodsports.TV. That last one is a top-down wave defense title that pretty much just takes the standard arena model and lets players fight an artificial intelligence (AI) opponent, instead of punching each other.

bloodsports.tv steam classes gameplay guide

Unfortunately, the name of the game only alludes to classics like Smash TV by theme alone. There’s this whole carnage broadcast angle going, with an announcer sadistically cackling as more enemies swarm the front. Players control one gladiator class that goes around a map whopping small minions and enemy champions or the occasional boss fight. Each kill yields a certain amount of credits, which can then be traded in for items that boost stats, selected from a giant list of trinkets. Yes, it’s just any arena game you’ve ever seen.

For the crowd that’s into the genre, but wants to deviate the tense competition from multiplayer to AI fights, we ran down all the player classes and their skills. From simple bashes to speed enhancements or giant ultimate strikes, we take one of each type and show off how it works. In addition, we also detail the difference between several map types and how to handle waves and in-between moments. Of course, you’ll also go over the basics of how the game works and how progression works.

Make sure you see our gameplay commentary below. Bloodsports.TV is out on Steam on March 30, 2015:


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