Possible Binding of Isaac Sequel Teased In Afterbirth Update

In a recent update, developer Edmund McMillen revealed some more information on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s planned Afterbirth expansion. For instance, there will be more music, but also new features involved.

There will be at least 8 new music tracks in the Afterbirth downloadable content (DLC). One of those tunes, called Pulso Profundum, was released already, so give it a listen.

Later in the update, the developer briefly mentions a new game mode that will be available in Afterbirth. More importantly, the post also reveals plans for a possible sequel. Here is the verbatim message:

im really excited to release this expansion, im actually trying out a few things in the new game mode that will test the waters a bit for a possible isaac sequel i may do much later down the road…

Speculations may now run wild as to what the new game elements would be or even how a sequel would look like. What could Isaac still achieve? Maybe more horrible things happen during the traumatized infant’s childhood?

binding of isaac rebirth

The Binding of Isaac has been exponentially successful for the developer. Originally released as a quickly made dungeon crawler, the game has since grown into a fan favorite, partly thanks to Super Meat Boy, from the same maker, amassing a large following. While The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the same game as the first, in essence, there are tons of additions and technical improvements that make it its own beast. There are still thousands of people on Steam playing the game daily, which makes it rank among the top contenders, in between Pillars of Eternity and Elite: Dangerous. Those are not bad peers to be match with at all.


3 thoughts on “Possible Binding of Isaac Sequel Teased In Afterbirth Update

  1. I would really like to see this game expanded and the formula improved upon in a sequel, it’s a very fun world to explore.

  2. It’s also worth a mention that the games you compare it to, with respect to current player-base, are new releases. Binding of Isaac Rebirth has been released for over half a year, and the incredible mastered element of re-playability will keep this game relevant for a while. I’m sure a sequel would focus on a completely different facet not currently touched on in the game, because Edmund has said his only reason for making Rebirth was to fix the original Binding of Isaac, as Actionscript 2 (or Flash) bottlenecked his creativity.

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