The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Afterbirth Has Mom As One Of 8 Transformations

Always eager to tease just a bit more, Edmund McMillen posted some more info on The Binding of Isaac Rebirth’s upcoming Afterbirth expansion. In particular, transformations are tackled.

From the start, we knew that there would be some new transformations. Now, the developer confirmed that there will be eight new ways to change Isaac in total. One of those has been announced already. Isaac will be able to transform into a mom-related character, which is fairly logical, given the matriarch plays a central role in the dungeon crawler.

binding of isaac rebirth afterbirth mom transformation

In order to transform, players must collect three or more random items of a same grouping during their playthrough. Since The Binding of Isaac Rebirth has roguelike qualities, loot is randomized, so it’s never certain if stocking up for a transformation is worth the effort.

In previous news, the developer stated that The Binding of Isaac Rebirth may eventually get a sequel at some point. If that’s the case and the Afterbirth update already brings a lot more, it’s going to become progressively harder to top that effort.


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