Every Nerdy Reference Revealed In Evoland 2 In .Gif Form

Upon its announcement, developer Shiro Games immediately made clear that Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder would expand its scope. They weren’t lying. A new gameplay trailer came out for the game, serving as a trip through our history in the medium and it is filled with alternating styles.

In the first Evoland, the main focus was this historical aspect that would take players from its pixelated origins to the modern, high definition era. A main complaint for the game, however, was that many found the plot to be too limited in scope. After the history lesson comes to its logical end, the rest of Evoland sort of coasted along. Its sequel will not be making the same mistake.

In the new trailer, the developers show some confidence in going above and beyond their original ideas. Aside from the regular roleplaying game (RPG) tropes, Evoland 2 will move to just about any other genre possible. There might even be more pop culture references. For those who couldn’t keep up with the avalanche of different nods, we filtered out any genre or franchise we could find and put them in .gif files you all love so much. We’ll omit anything too strictly RPG related, such as your Final Fantasy and Zelda themes, since that’s the game’s main intention already. Of course, we might have also been overwhelmed, so feel free to add a reference .gif in the comments!

It might take a moment to load them all, so give it a minute.

1. Alien

No cyberpunk test-tube area is complete without some xenomorph lurking around. It could’ve just stuck to Jenova oddities, but there’s already enough Final Fantasy in this game.


2. Bomberman / Minecraft

That top-down grid with bombs and linear explosions is familiar to most people, but as an added bonus, there’s also a Creeper hanging out in the corner. Hell, the placement of both rats and bombs may even be interpreted as a Super Mario Bros 2 Mouser reference. That’s one packed screen.


3. Double Dragon

Classic side-scrolling brawlers are definitely an easy fit to alternate between RPG and platform games. The iconic spin kick also happens to be one of our favorites.


4. Dragon Ball Z

Japanese references aplenty, so naturally some of Evoland 2 will look towards anime and which is bigger than Dragon Ball Z? I’m just Super Saiyan.


5. Mega Man

Going further with classic side-scrolling franchises, of course there would be a Mega Man boss fight included.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

6. Metal Gear

When a game needs to incorporate stealth in its design, it’s likely to look in the direction of the one series that made it popular: Metal Gear. Thief and Assassin’s Creed just aren’t box material.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

7. Professor Layton

This is our favorite reference, since it’s so easy to do and yet so recognizable. Every RPG needs some puzzle elements, so why not look to one of the more successful puzzlers ever.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

8. Puzzle Quest

Speaking of puzzles, introducing match-3 mechanisms may lead to Bejeweled, but given the overall RPG theme, the choice of Puzzle Quest’s combat is a better choice.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

9. Shmup

There’s a top-down shooter section in Evoland 2. It could point to a lot of classic series, but we mostly get a Jamestown vibe from the smooth visuals.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

10. Street Fighter IV

Brawlers don’t only come in adventure style in the sequel. There’s also room for one of the most recognizable moves in fighting games: Ryu’s Hadouken attack.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

11. Super Mario Bros.

There are platform elements and we’re not including the granddaddy of them all? That wouldn’t slide, so here’s some Mario action.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We almost missed this one, but check the bandana colors on those ninja star-throwing squirrels. Radical.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

13. Star Wars VII

Ok, this might be a little stretch, but this captured takeoff seems to have a rather familiar speed and camera direction as the first teaser to the new Star Wars movie, so we’re counting it.

Evoland 2 nerd references gif

2 thoughts on “Every Nerdy Reference Revealed In Evoland 2 In .Gif Form

  1. No matter how hard i try… I just can’t get number 10 to be a hadouken.. Keep seeing it as a Kamehameha…. Mainly because Hadouken is usually just an energy ball. They may look similar and they are both a thrust of ki but…
    It still looks like a kamehameha to me …

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