Nintendo Helps Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Noobs With An Actual Workshop In The Netherlands

Here’s something we’ve never seen before. In the Netherlands, Nintendo is offering help to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players with an actual workshop event. It will take place in Utrecht on June 6, 2015 and seats 16 people in two sessions of two hours each.

monster hunter 4 ultimate workshop

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the most successful entry in the franchise. Last month, Capcom mentioned that the game had sold over a million copies in the West and thus had become the fastest selling and most critically acclaimed entry yet. Nintendo’s workshop is targeted specifically to newcomers in the series to get them started. Monster Hunter can be a bit elaborate in its roleplaying game (RPG) ways. There’s an extensive aspect of preparation involved; farming monsters, crafting resources and so on. The actual hunting of monsters part is actually just the culmination of an entire adventuring catalog of options. For an introduction in the RPG gameplay rigmarole, feel free to check out the video series below from Suzy Berhow, part of the Game Grumps outfit, in their own dedicated KittyKatGaming channel. Don’t worry; the camera gets less huge after the first video.

With limited seating, the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate workshop will likely be filled up pretty early on. For those who can’t participate in the session itself, the game will still be accessible on a nearby square from 10AM to 3PM. Both places will have “experts” that can answer Monster Hunter questions.

We’re not sure what to make of this event. On one hand, all exposure and support for any game is totally awesome. We’d attend just for that reason alone. On the other hand though, just consider, if a game requires you to take a class on how to play it properly, is that game doing enough to teach you by itself? It’s a question we often find ourselves mulling over with tutorials or even guides and “wiki” pages for what’s ultimately just a means of entertainment. Feel free to tell us in the comments if this is great or dumb. We’re good with either way.

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