We See What You’re Doing, Hatred, And You Have To Stop Being Dicks

By now, we’re past the point that Hatred will be arriving to PC shortly. We already discussed how the game at least appears functional, so there are no issues there. Someone gets us a copy; we will play it and give it a fair shake. If not, same difference and all the best to it, despite setbacks from companies like Epic Games distancing themselves. What’s becoming less cute to deal with is the way Hatred is handling its marketing campaign. Here’s the latest press release:

hatred press release

The narrative poses itself like a frail lamb, trying to push back against mean, old censorship. What it really does is basic human manipulation, not unlike many convicted sociopath or extremist movements employ. Our apologies for the harsh words, we know how it sounds, but that’s the reality of the analogous behavior here. When it’s not using the criticism against off-putting themes as a shield to prove its own self-inflated worth, the developers use the current news of actual riots to promote a new trailer. Whatever draws in easily impressionable people and makes them work for the game’s benefit. Again; something, something, brainwashing.

In its latest word-twisting press release, Hatred is offering preorder buyers a sudden treat: Those who fell over themselves to preemptively purchase the edgiest game they didn’t even try yet; they will be able to download and play the game three days early. Normally, the game launches on Steam on June 1, 2015, but its fans can jump in on May 29, 2015.

What Hatred wants us to believe is that the sudden early access is an incentive. What the developers really want is to skew any reception in their favor before the actual release of the game.

Beat the criticism by a margin of three full days to keep that critical mass from potentially erupting. It’s not certain there will be a total meltdown, but what if? What if Hatred gets panned and all this shin-kicking, juvenile attitude and false sense of confidence falls to ashes? That would be bad.

So, who else will be more positive than the people who already put so, so much into the game? That’s not only true for those who threw down the rather steep cash of €16.66 to a top-down shooter with no merits. It’s equal for those who went above and beyond to the ludicrous €36.66 deluxe version. It stretches, however, to all those who went into every possible page of the internet to scream down others’ throats about how the game is a second coming and other bland rhetoric that is supposed to justify their investment. It is a sizable investment after all; you can’t come off looking like a dick with a wimpy result.

Hatred-pc shooter gore-gameplay gif

Well, Hatred, Destructive Creations, at the least you are coming off as a bunch of dicks with yet another cheap tactic in the vault. For those who think beyond the mere face value of positive sounding words, it’s not hard to see yet more manipulation. All that fake confidence and you choose to buffer yourself against criticism, potential criticism, in such a shallow twist? That’s pretty weak. You had our attention at first, but that insincerity crap is getting old fast. For a project that’s being upheld as going against the grain of current sociopolitical game criticism, you sure have a fairly large and shifty agenda yourself. The game can’t speak for itself on launch day, huh?

Here’s the sinking line to your juvenile attitude:

Hatred will not be available on GOG.com, even though gamers widely expected this to happen, because of GOG’s refusal to distribute the game.

Good on you, using more name-dropping and responsibility-shifting to paint yourself the victim. Was it necessary to drag GOG through the mud? Absolutely not; but that hasn’t ever stopped you before, has it?

Good luck with your thing.


6 thoughts on “We See What You’re Doing, Hatred, And You Have To Stop Being Dicks

  1. Being dicks is pretty much their mantra, it oozes out of everything involving the game or the devs.

    • Well, you’re not wrong.. I just wish the game would get more screen time on how it’s actually a game, rather than trying to find an angle over and over they already found long ago.

      As Good Charlotte famously said:

      “Shake it once that’s fine. Shake it twice that’s okay.Shake it three times…You’re playing with yourself again.”

      • All the calm people will be the ones looking at it as a game, trying to see if between all the controversy and overcorrection there is something of value game wise. I highly doubt it, but hey it is still possible.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about this post. I mean it is just as sensationlized as the author claims these developers are.

    Not to mention that it is this kind of stuff that made Hatred a household name to begin with. I agree with most commenters here, this horse has been beaten to death. If you want to write about hatred, do something different.

    Instead of trying to shed the light on some kind of evil aliases of people you don’t know, maybe you should have made an analytic piece about what actually happend and how all this bad press somehow managed to make Hatred a probable sales success. Just anything, but that one sided dribble that everyone else wrote 6 months ago.

  3. “The narrative poses itself like a frail lamb, trying to push back against mean, old censorship.”
    The only thing in the press release that could possibly be construed as an exclamation of censorship might be the GOG announcement at the end. It could also simply be them letting us know that GOG will no longer be available as an expected avenue of purchase. Which is exactly what it is and is exactly what it sounds like. Anything else is in your own pathetic mind. You were obviously brimming with bias before you even sat down at your keyboard and that just leaves a reader unable to take you seriously about anything else you might have to say.

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