Batman, Protector Of The Innocent!

Today’s a big day in video games. FIFA 16 finally feels supportive enough to include women teams, but doesn’t actually feel confident enough to make that its own marketed game, so it will piggy back on the fame of the male variant of the sport. Hatred is a day away from releasing to fans first and the world is getting antsy, to say the least. Once anticipated massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Wildstar announced that it will transition to a game without the need for subscriptions, like we all knew it was coming.

Midst the blur of info and still quite present hype for The Witcher 3, publisher Warner Bros has revealed a lengthy gameplay clip for Batman: Arkham Knight. This video is called “Time To Go To War” and that’s a pretty crappy title that wants to set a crappy theme. Now, there will be plenty of arguments pulled from under the dredges of the lore, but the main theme for the caped crusader hardly seems like the vigilante pairs up like some war hungry warrior. Maturity in games seems to go only one way and that’s to more outright aggression. If we’re being honest, we’d see that growing closer to a primal behavior than a mature one.

Translated to gameplay, we get to see more of what makes the current Batman series great. Stunning visuals, gliding exploration, hooking to buildings, pummeling dudes effortlessly; it’s the same old and that’s totally fine. We’re not too sure about the car death machine that’s being put in the spotlight for this iteration, but once again, action trumps all. It’s a broken record at this point. We’d say it brings us closer to the campy times where Michael Keaton nonchalantly shoots up Gotham during Christmas time, while a wild-haired Christopher Walken watches, but what do we know.

One thing that made us have a little giggle outburst, however, is about 6 minutes into the clip. Batman hurries to the next location and passes a car. At least, the Batmobile tries to swing by, but really it just bolts the thing dead-on. Here is a lovely .gif to justify this whole article and also because we know you all love moving pictures.

Batman Arkham Knight car accident

There is no context on whether or not these are criminals or just an old couple enjoying a blissfully unaware night out. In any case, maybe Batman should be a little less careless about ramming the denizens of Gotham, good or bad. Again, we might be off track here, maybe Bruce Wayne is having a rough day. Those could have been someone’s parents, Bruce. You should know how that feels.

There are also some nice, accentuated curvy shots of Poison Ivy in the video. She doesn’t like clothes, because nature doesn’t need clothes. Or something like that; we’re filling in a lot of blanks today, like an ad lib. At least it makes two themes perfectly aware. Ivy likes plants and has a body. We’re sure some of you will like that, so have a bonus .gif.

Batman Arkham Knight poison ivy


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