Today’s Two Biggest Steam Games Couldn’t Be More Different From Each Other

Today is going to be one of those polarizing days in the gaming world. On one end, the cynical Hatred has arrived on Steam and it has taken the top seller spot immediately. At the shooter’s side on the second best-selling spot, Lego Worlds announced its light-hearted, guilt-free sandbox game. It seems Steam is divided on whether they want to destroy worlds or create them.

steam top sellers hatred lego worlds

Even the price range for the two titles is in a similar spot. For a top-down shooter, Hatred’s cost of €16.66 is a bit elevated, though you’re likely paying for the experience as well. As your standard Early Access open world, Lego Worlds’ €14.99 is slightly under the admission of its overpriced peers. For the latter, it’s sort of like sandbox games have come full circle. Many times, the Minecraft explosion of creator canvasses have been linked to Lego building blocks. This game is exactly that.

Yet, Hatred shouldn’t be easily dismissed either. Now that we can finally get a closer look at the gameplay, we get to see a strong thematic presentation with particularly effective explosions. Some side-missions should help diversify the action of shooting and executing dozens of people. Critic Jim Sterling, who is known to rip through shoddy Steam games, isn’t too put off by Hatred, which should be a good sign. We’ll post that gameplay commentary below. Ignore the quirky Splatoon reference.

It’s going to be tough for other games in the mid-range of these two contenders to climb the Top Seller spots in the next few days, it seems. Maybe even Massive Chalice chose the wrong day. And there will be games like Heroes of the Storm or Dirty Bomb coming tomorrow. Still, for anyone who was dreading the day to be drowned in the negativity of Hatred’s controversy, there is now an out, a cute one at that. No one needs to be upset, as each has their alternative on the other end of the spectrum. It’s not as if Steam lacks the variety in the first place. At the time of writing, Steam released 20 games today; twenty, in one day.


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