ARK: Survival Evolved Enlists NVIDIA GameWorks Studios And GitHub

Some more details for new dino game, ARK: Survival Evolved, have been announced. Developer Studio Wildcard revealed their cooperation with NVIDIA GameWorks Studios to optimize the Early Access title.

Ark Survival evolved pc early access steam

With the NVIDIA partnership, users can expect virtual reality (VR) compatibility and improved visuals and effects “in a very short period of time.” To do so, the team stated that they’re using GitHub, a hosting service to share code, in order to expedite their progress. Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak speculated that the NVIDIA collaboration could potentially even make the game more complex, stating:

NVIDIA has made it possible for teams like ours to drop in state-of-the-art, high-quality solutions to tough visual effects problems, which is often the difference between having a feature and not having it at all.

Ever since its release on Steam on June 2, ARK: Survival Evolved has been riding the Top Seller list like a dinosaur. In total, there are 70 species of prehistoric mounts to choose from, both carnivore and herbivore.  According to Steamspy, there are potentially 40,000 people who already picked up the game in just a few days. With a metric ton of features, however, the start is meeting with mixed reception. A total of 67% of users on Steam are recommending the survival experience so far.

ark survival evolved stomping land shades

As always, a gigantic scope can be difficult to accomplish. ARK: Survival Evolved is even capitalizing on the failure of their predecessors. In earlier news, the developers announced that stumped owners of The Stomping Land, a stagnated Early Access survival game, would be compensated in this new project. Those who own the prior foray in dinosaur hunting can get some killer shades for riding a T-Rex in style.


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