Minecraft-Like Cube Life: Island Survival Claims Second Nintendo eShop Spot, Free Game For Owners

Developer Cypronia has good news regarding its latest release, Cube Life: Island Survival on Nintendo Wii U. In both North America and Europe, the Minecraft-inspired game has managed to climb to second place in the eShop download charts. In the former region, the sandbox title has been on the silver medal spot for four consecutive weeks. Europe saw Cube Life rise to the penultimate position in just one weekend. In both cases, the indie release fights over dominance with otherwise giant Nintendo titles, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Splatoon.

Cube Life: Island Survival

Then again, Cube Life: Island Survival only costs a fraction of major launches. Where digital downloads for Nintendo games cost €39.99 each, Cypronia’s alternative is available for only €6.99. Still, it’s a damn impressive feat for an otherwise unknown company working on eShop releases for years under the radar. Prior to launch, the developers vowed to make Cube Life: Island Survival a viable alternative to Ucraft, a Minecraft clone that was once announced as a Wii U release, before several conflicting reports sank its momentum. This eventually led between a spat between the two companies, where one even accused the other of launching a smear campaign against the other. That whole situation got a little sticky, but the important part is that Nintendo Wii U owners now finally can take part in a Minecraft-like game of their own.

Additionally, thanks to the success of this game, developer Cypronia announced that one of their upcoming releases on Wii U will be free to anyone who owns Cube Life: Island Survival. Hopefully, that unknown title will share the accessible traits of the studio’s current title.


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