This Is What Ark: Survival Evolved’s The Stomping Land T-Rex Sunglasses Look Like In-Game

Previously, developer Studio Wildcard stated that Ark: Survival Evolved would pay tribute to people who bought The Stomping Land on Steam, after its Early Access program sort of fizzled. With a huge community currently active in the latest dinosaur survival game, sunglasses on Tyrannosaurus Rex creatures have started to appear. We collected a few cool shots of those blinged out glasses in-game, so you can see their magic in action. We’ll post those below.

ark survival evolved stomping land shades

It seems that the vanity item for the dinosaurs takes the quip a little bit further than just stealing the user base from The Stomping Land. The so shiny, so chrome glasses are rigged with the “TSL” acronym of Ark’s competitor, as well as having the T and L encrusted in diamonds. Completing the effect, the S is visualized as a dollar sign, representing all the cash the abandoned title was able to run off with. But at least you all got a nice pair of Kanye shades out of it, right?

So far, Ark: Survival Evolved has met with perhaps even greater success than The Stomping Land. Ever since the dino game’s launch a month ago, it was able to pretty much consistently remain the top selling game on Steam every single day. Sales are going that well that a million copies of Ark have already gone out the door, despite its Early Access state. Recently, builds for Mac and Linux were added to Steam’s storefront, meaning that even more users can start getting comfortable in their prehistoric fight for survival.

Currently, Ark: Survival Evolved is on sale until July 8, 2015. You can pick up a copy for €23.23, instead of its usual price of €27.99. We’ll show you those community screenshots of The Stomping Land sunglasses now.

Ark Survival Evolved Stomping Land


Ark Survival Evolved Stomping Land
Ark Survival Evolved Stomping Land


Those look pretty shiny, right?


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