A Look At Rocket League Outside Of Its Crazy Car Football Game

By now, everyone should be aware that Rocket League is the fresh new hotness in games. Still, the arcade vehicular football game has more to offer than just wacky antics. Aside from its ridiculously entertaining gameplay, there are also some absolutely stunning locations to visit in the game. So, we made a short video below going over a few places available for visitations.

rocket league different locations

Each particular setting has its proper charm. For instance, some fields are clad in metal, dropped in the dead center of a busy cityscape. Another event is set within a factory-like building, where a train regularly passes overhead. Moreover, looking at the playing field from a top-down view reveals the glossy light refraction that makes Rocket League sparkle. In multiple locations, it’s possible to see light darting through objects, painting a dynamic display from behind its obstruction. Our personal favorite, however, is the grass in this football hybrid. Each tiny strand of artificial grass stands on its own in-game, which feels glorious to go across. We rarely ever thought about it, but Rocket League might have the best presented grass in games right now. It looks like we need to pay more attention to grass from now on. Seriously though, the grass is nice.

Ever since its release, Rocket League has been able to claim the Top Seller spot on Steam and it’s also available as a free download for Playstation Plus subscribers who own a Playstation 4. On Steam, you can get Rocket League for €19.99. The game is worth every penny.

Now, please enjoy the different locations of Rocket League.


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