That Free-To-Play Magic Card Game On Steam Isn’t Having A Great Day

Publisher Wizards of the Coast launched Magic Duels on Steam today, a free-to-play offshoot from its trading card series. It’s not been going too well, as a lot of people are reporting issues that the game doesn’t even start. We encountered the same “fatal error,” when loading up the 1.2Gb download for the first time. Changing settings or config files hasn’t made a difference either.


As of now, Magic Duels is unplayable for a lot of people. There is speculation that this issue is tied to Windows 7, though it’s supported in the system requirements, along with Windows 8 and Vista. Going into compatibility mode, however, isn’t an option either, as all Vista configurations still crash. Windows XP is not supported.

Wizards has somewhat addressed the problem with the usual driver response, though not much else.  Additionally, there seem to be even more things going awry with Magic Duels as the servers are also experiencing “unexpected downtime.” Other users have reported graphical issues and various other things wrong with the game. It’s a mess right now.

If we’re being frank, Magic Duels isn’t off to a wonderful start. Hell, for a beast like Wizards of the Coast who are bloodhounds when it comes to branding, it didn’t even do a great job there. Magic Duels is seen on its store page as “Magic Duels: Origins” with the tagline bigger than the “Duels” part. When booting the game, the title shows up as “Magic Origins” as well and the thing also has an “Origins” campaign. Someone missed the brand confusion seminar. If that’s not even on point with the company, it’s not hard to imagine that there are issues elsewhere.

Magic Duels is a free game though, right? Can’t complain when it’s free; unless you actually wanted to also play the thing.

Magic Duels

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