Developer Pulling Project Night From Steam After Negative Feedback

Critically panned survival horror game, Project Night, has had its developer come out to say they will remove the game from Steam’s storefront, due to negative feedback. Enjoy watching a gameplay commentary that explains why this is no surprise.

In an announcement on the store page, the developer mentioned that they were waiting for their product to reach an approval rating of 50% on Steam, given by user reviews. That really never came, as right now, as of writing, 91 users have given this horror title a “mostly negative” stamp, with only 24% positive comments. Bear in mind, the nature of Steam reviews also often hides satirical recommendations. In the announcement, the defeated developer notes:

(sic) Some months ago the percentage drop under 30%.

So, i think that i’ve to accept that.

Feedback is not enough positive, so, i’ve choose to remove the game from Steam.

Project Night painstakingly made it to Steam after multiple servings in bundle deals and the vote brigade that comes with the incentive of a complementary Steam key when approved. Its gameplay is reminiscent of Silent Hill, at least that’s the sentiment the game goes for. In reality, the pitch-black setting with few interactions and highly contrasting character textures offers little of anything worthwhile. Models are extremely poorly designed. Sounds are cobbled together, with some even being dubious in their legal standing. Controlling characters has the same difficulty as old survival horror games, without the fitting level design to go with it, making it impossible to command. Narrative is often displayed in dead, uninteresting text. It’s a mess.


Further in the announcement, the Project Night developer mentions using the money they made to make a smaller game, stating:

(sic) i’m going to reinvest your money in my next project, and i’ll probably will launch a small kickstarter campaign before the end of this year.

There isn’t a clear date when Project Night will exit Steam’s storefront. It’s currently available for €2.99.


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