Wayforward Accidentally Launch New Mighty Switch Force For Free, Early Steam Users Can Keep Game [UPDATE]

See, we thought something weird was going on. Today, developer Wayforward’s latest title, Mighty Switch Force! Academy, launched on Steam through Early Access. Originally, Steam users were able to not only download the game for free, but play it as well. There was, however, no “free-to-play” tag associated with the game and the description reads as follows:

“The price will not change when we leave Early Access. The value of the game’s content today is priced very similarly to other titles in the series.”

mighty switch force academy

It turns out that this free setting was a mistake and Mighty Switch Force! Academy has since corrected the error, now appearing for a price of €9.99 instead.  Allegedly, the issue could originate from a former employee of the company. A tweet from Wayforward director Austin Ivansmith, which has since quickly been deleted, mentioned the error, as picked up by a Steam user:

Thanks to the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who didnt know what he was doing and set things up wrong before quitting and ♥♥♥♥ing us over months later. ♥♥♥♥ you!!!

Fill in the blanks at whim, like a fun ad lib. Other threads surrounding the issue, by the way, were removed from the message boards. We were puzzled about this as well, so when we went to the forums, prior to the correction, several other users were sharing the confusion. Despite the hiccup, developer Wayforward has stated that they’d let people who were able to jump on Mighty Switch Force! Academy early keep the Early Access title for free, in a related Steam forum post:

We are currently working to fix this problem. Everyone who got the game for free will be able to keep the game.

Update 23/08 11.50PM: Wayforward has since scrubbed the Steam thread as well. Visual proof of the promise can be seen below:

mighty switch free promise

This is what we now see if we want to start the game.

This is what we now see if we want to start the game.

We were able to play a tiny bit of Mighty Switch Force! Academy prior to the update. So far, it has the basics of a puzzle platform game with minimal options, though windowed mode is possible by pressing Alt+Enter. Each course, a character on a 2D plain can move left to right, shooting enemies and changing the playing field from one state to an alternate version. Using this switch model, it’s possible to jump on new platforms or trigger boosts that hurl the character across the area. The goal is to rescue some static characters by manipulating the environment.

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