Indie Game Red Awakening Cancelled After Alleged Years Of No Wages Paid

It’s no secret that indie game development can easily fall on rough times, as illustrated by Red Awakening, a dark cel-shaded shooter that just announced its cancellation. After a long time in development, the game’s feeds are calling out that its game director, Robert Peall, failed to pay staff for a duration that spans years. As the project’s Twitter states:



More details are also located on Red Awakening’s IndieDB page, where the game previously chronicled its progress, before growing increasingly more quite. The quote there, once more calling out the director, states:

Robert Peall, the game director, has not paid wages to any of the game contributors at all.

He, somehow, managed to pay for two PR companies in the period of 5 months in the beginning of 2015.


In August, Red Awakening tried getting funded through Kickstarter “again,” where it sought £35,000 in funds. Unfortunately, it only managed to accrue 46 backers and £4,371 in total.

Aside from its Counter-Strike allure, Red Awakening merges some darker horror themes from the slasher genre. Using the cloak of darkness to its advantage, gameplay could also include stealth elements.

According to Red Awakening’s Kickstarter page, the development team consists of nine other team members, aside from Robert Peall. Built on Unreal Engine 4, the shooter was focused for PC release and was already approved through Steam Greenlight. There were, however, also plans to have a release on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Sustainability in indie development is getting increasingly harder, despite the common belief that it’s a great area to be in. Recently, Belgian development studio Grin was forced to close its doors and sell the rights to their latest project, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, despite even being present during Microsoft’s game convention stage shows.

We’re also hearing through anonymous sources that multiple other projects are struggling to be profitable, if not debt-inducing. As always, the best remedy for this trend is to purchase games, preferably at full price, whenever possible.


One thought on “Indie Game Red Awakening Cancelled After Alleged Years Of No Wages Paid

  1. I am the former employee that this article is about , its all true theres no money in this and it wad doomed to fail

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