Shock Value Shooter Hatred Now Just $4 In This Bundle

Remember shock value shooter Hatred? Well, it looks like its white hot reign of supremacy has come to an end, as the game is now available in a bundle for just $4. Along with some other, much less high profile titles, it’s possible to acquire the top-down murder simulator in the Bundle of the Damned 4 on Groupees. We played a bit of Hatred to give you an idea, though this shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as the game really is just a twin-stick shooter with some mild technical issues and a pretty aesthetic. You can view a pseudo-gag reel below:

We’ve written about Hatred in certain lengths in the past. Its original reveal was made in such a way that it couldn’t not get the attention it craved. After some controversy over glorifying murder, hacking into police forces and so on, the game was put on Steam Greenlight, after which it was promptly taken down. In a turn of events, the shooter was then put back on the program and quickly passed with flying colors. The project’s fame, or infamy, eventually rose to such heights that Hatred has the honor of being the first game with an “Adults Only” rating to be put on Steam’s storefront.

Hatred-pc shooter gore-gameplay gif

Using opportunistic marketing tactics paid off for the gory title. Upon release, the game immediately rose to the top of the Steam seller chart. That initial knee-jerk reaction, however, was short lived. Not long after Hatred released and reviews and gameplay commentaries came back rather lukewarm, the PC game dropped off the map. Online store GOG came out to state that they would not sell the game. Currently, reception for this product stands at a 43 rating on Metacritic and units sold fluctuate between 60,000 and 70,000, according to Steamspy, over 50,000 of which were sold in the first few days.

So, for those who always wanted to know what the fuss was about, but didn’t want to pay the surcharged price of €16,66, because Satan, Groupees has you covered. Some games in the Bundle of the Damned 4 deal aren’t on Steam, but it’s possible to vote for them on the Greenlght program.

You can get Hatred in the Bundle of the Damned 4 here.


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