Another Unplayable Steam Game Releases Without Any Files

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a good horror story, so here’s one from the bowels of Steam, where the darkest of events regularly happen. One of its latest zombie shooters, Undeads, is up for sale for €4.49…but it doesn’t actually have any files! That’s scary, right?

Looking at the store page of Undeads, most people wouldn’t see many errors, except that it’s yet another one of these sort of titles to be dumped on the in-development Early Access pile of never finished releases. There are a few reviews available for the shooter, most of them are positive. Standard screenshots reveal your ordinary shooty-bang mechanisms, city environments, dark lighting and so on. There is, however, a small catch. Please see the video below for a short rundown of what happens when anyone tries to install the game.

Upon trying to get Steam to install Undeads, the game will show up as empty; no estimated install size, instant completion and so on. Going further into the game files, the folder for the shooter will show up empty as well and all prompts will indicate no data usage at all. There simply aren’t any files to install. Regardless of being able to refund this, through a direct purchase on Steam at least, this is an embarrassing lack of quality control. Just to illustrate how little store owner Valve oversees its market, here’s an excerpt taken straight from the store page for Undeads:

“The gameplay and almost finished although further additions are possible, and a part of the game but that does not e’abbastanza.Penso It has been realized that only by working closely with the community we can achieve a good product and continually improve gameplay, mechanical game and realization of new modalita’distinguera piu’contenuto playable and the full game version early access.Rilascero’inoltre the plot only in the full version.”

As much as facilitating game development with copy-paste models can be beneficial for people who want to make a game, maybe we shouldn’t draw it to that extent. Going in the forums for Undeads, we can spot multiple users complaining about the same thing. The game just doesn’t come with files and is unplayable as a result. This also means no one can leave a negative review, since Steam requires the game to have launched for a few minutes, before a recommendation can be posted. A similar thing happened earlier this month, when Stoorm launched unplayable for weeks, due to its install folder containing a dot.

So, just a heads up: Don’t buy Undeads. Steam currently has a Halloween sale where you can get a ton of other neat things for those five bucks. Maybe pick up Dead Realm. That one looks neat.


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