Unboxing The First Humble Bundle Monthly Games

Since the popularity of monthly goodie subscriptions like Loot Crate are still doing great business, the Humble Bundle Monthly is here to provide this service for digital games. Its first serving is now out into the world and features several high profile Steam games, which can be seen in this “digital unboxing” video below:

There are seven games in the first ever Humble Bundle Monthly:

  • Saints Row IV
  • Towerfall: Ascension
  • Sanctuary RPG
  • Lethal League
  • Besiege
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Legend of Grimrock II

Some interesting statistics for the bundle are that all games rank in over 90% approval rating on Steam. It’s actually pretty strange that the page for the goodie subscription chooses to measure itself with Metacritic, seeing as these scores are slightly lower. Still, none of these games really have any glaring downsides. In total, this deal would cost nearly €100, in normal circumstances. A monthly fee for this package comes to just €12.

Now, honestly, it’s absolutely plausible that this first serving of the Humble Bundle Monthly is frontloaded with powerhouse titles, to get eyes pointed towards their service. The only product that isn’t a huge striking game from its mere appearance would be Sanctuary RPG and its ASCII look , but its 97% approval rating on Steam would melt any doubts. So, if future offerings follow this trend even slightly, it might look like more people will be signing up.

In contrast, services like Playstation Plus and Games With Gold for Xbox have been doing similar things for console enthusiasts. Reception on those platforms has been tremendous as well and has usually made for some strong lineups. In fact, given the competition between the two, both have stepped up their game since their unveiling. Given how Humble Bundle usually sets a trend that is quickly followed by other bundle sites, we might see that happen here at some point as well.



One thought on “Unboxing The First Humble Bundle Monthly Games

  1. Legend of Grimrock II has been on sale for around $5. You can pick up Saints Row IV right now for $3.74. I didn’t even bother checking the other games, but it seems pretty safe to say that the value of this is NOWHERE near $100-200. The scary prospect is as you mention, that this is likely front loaded, so it will get even worse from here. Compare to the titles on PS+ and Xbox Gold, they will at least on a regular basis have games you cannot get for less than $20 even if they have been out a while. You can also buy yearly subscriptions for those, getting down to $3-$5/month.

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