Wait, No One Noticed These Atari Games Getting Pulled From Steam?

You know what it’s like; the Steam Winter Sale comes around and you start exploring the very depths of the store, just to see what discounts are there. A guilty pleasure here is to see how some of our least favorite publishers are treating their catalog poorly this time. It looks like Atari is up to some shenanigans again. Some of the company’s games have disappeared without even so much as a courtesy call.

First up, the once cancelled and then quickly revived and sold for parts shooter, Minimum, has been experiencing some server issues, to put it mildly. Those server issues started in October. Since then, the game has been unplayable and it’s no longer possible to purchase Minimum on Steam.


That’s tough news for the 200,000 or so owners, according to Steamspy, who got wrapped up in the sob story for this game. Originally, Minimum was a project from Section 8 developer Timegate Studios, who eventually shut down after the fiasco that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. Developer Human Head Studios, itself under fire after the cancelled Prey 2, took over, making it a perfect storm of sadness for fans to clutch onto.

There’s a glimmer of hope for Minimum owners or something that’s worded as such, at least. In an update as recent as December 10, a post states:

We have enlisted a development partner with significant experience working the MBER platform to help, and they have made significant progress in getting the key systems rebuilt. Atari and Human Head have jointly agreed to move the game to this new team going forward.

The development team has made steady and significant progress toward getting the game back up and running, but there are still a few pieces left to iron out.

Based on current progress, the game should be back up and running in early 2016.

No such luck for fans of more classic titles, like Atari’s Haunted House: Cryptic Graves. This game was unceremoniously taken off sale on Steam, somewhere in the middle of the year. Its last game update goes back to February. There’s no mention, no update; not even a forum announcement. Someone in May suddenly realized the game wasn’t up for purchase anymore. According to Steamspy, just about a thousand people own this reboot. That’s not a lot of copies.


Haunted House: Cryptic Graves was announced along with Alone in the Dark: Illumination, another ill-fated reboot that hasn’t even sold five thousand copies itself. It’s had a game update in July, but isn’t currently looking any better. Same goes for the odd reboot in Asteroids: Outpost, which is a shame, as that one actually had a chance at being alright someday.

Atari’s latest attempt at a revival goes to RollerCoaster Tycoon World, which it’s currently selling pre-orders for, at a price of €45.99. Given the above examples, maybe wait it out a little, until there’s more certainty that this one isn’t going to crash and burn.

Happy holidays!


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