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Win Element4l On Steam To Celebrate Our Return

We’ve been back for 3 months or so now and during that time, we’ve had some good times and some bad times. Some didn’t enjoy the lighter articles we posted and some enjoyed our ability to break some news. Since then, we’ve climbed the mark of passing over tens of thousands of views. Before we…

King Arthur Collection Giveaway Contest

This large, nay humongous game combines the best of both roleplay and strategy into a game that’s much more than just war. I got some free Steam codes and you’ll want to give this game a try! Just follow the link to get 1 of 2 chances to win.


Sengoku Giveaway Contest

Sengoku, a feudal Japan war game from Paradox Interactive, whom also created great titles like Europa Universalis III and Magicka. Well, if you like oriental things, war and a side of humor, then we got you covered. For a chance to win a copy of the game, simply follow the link by clicking the picture.…

NoobFeed SNK Contest Thing

So, as I wait for Darkspore to complete my download so my grandchildren will be able to play it, I figured I’d best use the time to try and come up with this whole contest deal we’ve been teasing. So, let’s see here. Ok, here’s what we’ll do: If you want to get a chance…