King Arthur Collection Giveaway Contest

This large, nay humongous game combines the best of both roleplay and strategy into a game that’s much more than just war. I got some free Steam codes and you’ll want to give this game a try! Just follow the link to get 1 of 2 chances to win.


Sengoku Giveaway Contest

Sengoku, a feudal Japan war game from Paradox Interactive, whom also created great titles like Europa Universalis III and Magicka. Well, if you like oriental things, war and a side of humor, then we got you covered. For a chance to win a copy of the game, simply follow the link by clicking the picture.…

APOX Upon Your Review!

And it all started with an idea. That’s what APOX epitaph will read one day, long after everyone has forgotten about it.  As modern warfare is a crowded theme to say the least, it’s not easy to pick either a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) or a First Person Shooter (FPS) in that genre, which you can…